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  • Who: Adam McAssey

  • What: Highest throw and catch of a person

  • Where: United Kingdom

The highest throw and catch of a person is 3.66 m (12 ft) and was achieved by Adam McAssey, Adam Buckingham, Edward Upcott, Alex Uttley and Chris Rogers (all UK) from Spelbound Dance Company on the set of Blue Peter in London, UK, on 17 January 2011.

The Spelbound Dance Company began its activity in 1994. Founded and directed by Mauro Astolfi, the company has right from the start been constant and vigorous in choreographic research with a mixage of kinds so as to make each show a receptacle of emotions, images, sounds and gestures in constant evolution and mutation. The choice has been not to restrict the definition of one specific dance style: each gesture if wisely dosed, is a useful ingredient in creating a production that is stimulating and has an emotional feedback for those interpreting and for the public too. The SDC goes on scene with the intention of interacting with the spectator on an emotional level with energy and strength: in our opinion with the exclusion of all narrative superstructures, dance regains its original communicational values, its artistic valence as mute language made up of movements, fragments of images barely suggested by the lines of the body so as to leave space for imagination and creative transposition of the sensitiveness of those watching. George Balanchine “….what counts is movement…… Choreographers and dancers must remember that they reach the public through the eyes….it’s the illusion created on the scene that will convince the audience, just as a magician would.”


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