Greatest distance on a kick/push scooter in 24 hours (team)
The Night Razors
United States (Mechanicsburg)

The greatest distance covered on a kick scooter by a team in 24 hours is 553.72 km (344.07 miles), achieved by The Night Razors (USA) in Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania, USA on 18-19 May 2014.

The Night Razors are a team of 24 students: Greg Talamo, Terrence Maydick, Mark Phillippy, Nick White, Mitchell Kauffman, Ben Baker, Devin Esch, Shaun Egolf, Dan Vivolo, Brandon Straley, Joel Nelson, Alex Roth, Brad Stoner, Caleb Liechty Steven Young, Dane Cornelius, Jordan Schoenberger, Matthew Phillippy, Jeremy White, Kyle Rockafellow, Michael Zigarelli, Louis Gallo, Forrest Evans, Jason Yoder and Marty Grimm

During the course of breaking this record, the team raised $8000 for the Living Legacy Foundation of Maryland. This foundation provides organs and tissue for people in need of transplants, and offers support to patients' families.