Fastest marathon (male)
Dennis Kipruto Kimetto
02:02:57 hour(s):minute(s):second(s)
Germany (Berlin)

The fastest marathon (male) is 2 hr 2 min 57 sec and was achieved by Dennis Kipruto Kimetto (Kenya) at the Berlin Marathon in Berlin, Germany, on 28 September 2014.

Dennis Kimetto shaved 25 seconds off the previous record which was set just a year before also at the Berlin Marathon.

At 30 years old, Dennis Kimetto earned his place in history on 28 Sep 2014, in perfect running conditions, by completing the Berlin Marathon in 2 hr 2 min 57 sec – the fastest marathon. It was 26 sec less than the previous record of 2 hr 3 min 23 sec, achieved by Wilson Kipsang at the 2013 Berlin Marathon. Previously, the honours had gone to Patrick Makau, who ran a time of 2 hr 3 min 38 sec in 2011, also in Berlin.

The one recent year in which no record was set was 2012, when Kimetto made his marathon debut. That year, he finished in second place, losing by just 1 sec to his team-mate Geoffrey Mutai. In fact, Kimetto only began serious training in 2010, after a chance encounter with Mutai, who trained athletes in Kenya. Fast-forward to 2014, and both Kimetto and another Kenyan, Emmanuel Mutai, broke Kipsang’s marathon record – Kimetto finishing 16 sec faster than Mutai.

The record for fastest marathon has now been broken six times in an 11-year period, all at the Berlin Marathon. That’s a huge tribute to contemporary athletes’ fitness, but the course does offer certain advantages to runners. It has a flat terrain with relatively few corners to negotiate, for example, and is staged at a time of year when temperatures are usually mild.