Fastest circumnavigation by scheduled flights, visiting six continents (team)
John Burnham, kirk miller
63, 47 hour(s):minute(s)
Thailand (bangkok)

The fastest circumnavigation by scheduled flights visiting six continents is 63 hours 47 minutes by Kirk Miller and John Burnham (both USA), who circumnavigated the world in an eastward direction starting and finishing in Bangkok (Asia) via Sydney (Australasia/Oceania), Los Angeles (North America), Bogota (South America), Madrid (Europe) and Cairo (Africa). The runway start of the first flight was recorded at 21:01 on 7 September 2016 and the pair landed back in Bangkok at 12:48 on 10 September 2016, having covered a great-circle distance of 27,241 miles (43,840 km), passed through two approximate antipodal points, and set foot on each continent.