Greatest distance cycled in a year (UMCA)
Amanda Coker
122,686.81 kilometre(s)
United States ()

On 5 April 2017, the 326th day of her year-long Ultra Marathon Cycling Association-sanctioned record attempt to ride more miles in a year than anybody ever, Amanda Coker (USA) beat the overall record set by Kurt Searvogel (USA) on 9 January 2016 with 76,076 miles (122,432.7 km). By the end of the day, Amanda had clocked up 76,233.9 miles (122,686.81 km). Incredibly, with 39 more days to the end of the attempt on 14 May 2017, Amanda's logs showed that she continued to increase her daily average mileage, which was at 233.8 miles per day on the day she set the record.

UMCA (Ultra Marathon Cycling Association) is the leading international organization dedicated to ultracycling. UMCA governs and certifies record attempts in several categories, including cross-country, cross-state/province as well as fixed-distance attempts (100 Miles, 200 Miles, 1000 KM) and fixed-time attempts (6 Hour, 12 Hour, 24 Hour). Also, UMCA governs and certifies attempts in a category called HAMR (Highest Annual Mileage Ridden), which is also recognized by Guinness World Records.