Most viewed YouTube channel for a "millennial"
"Ryan ToysReview"
12,076,126,791 view(s)
United States ()

As of 4 May 2017, "Ryan ToysReview" had been viewed 12,076,126,791 times since it launched on 16 March 2015, making it the most watched YouTube channel for a "millennial" (i.e., someone born post-2000). The channel is dedicated to six-year-old Ryan (USA; b. 6 October 2010; surname protected for privacy reasons), who uploads videos of himself (and sometimes his family) playing with toys/games and sharing his views about them. As of the same date, "Ryan ToysReview" had amassed 7,543,809 subscribers.

Ryan also stars in a second YouTube channel called "Ryan's Family Review", which focuses more on activities, trips and vacations undertaken by his entire family; this includes Ryan, his parents and his younger twin sisters Emma and Kate.