Most chest to ground burpees in 12 hours (male)
  • This record is for the greatest number of chest to ground burpees performed in 12 hours.
  • This record is to be attempted by an individual male.
  • This record is to be measured in the number of complete chest to ground burpees.
  • A chest to ground burpee may be regarded as a push up with a vertical jump and must be performed as follows: In the start position the body must be straight, i.e. no bending at the knees or waist. The original position of the feet should be behind a line on the ground, line X, at right angles to the participant. A second line, line Y, should be drawn on the ground parallel to line X and beneath the hips of the competitor. The distance between X and Y must be a minimum of one half of the height of the participant. For example, if he/she measures 1.80 m the distance between X and Y should be 90 cm. The participant must start face down with the chest in contact with the ground, arms positioned at right angles to the side of the body. The arms then move into a push up position and lift the chest and torso off the ground. The body is then raised until the arms are straight although they do not need to be locked at the elbow. The feet should then, in one movement, travel to line Y. The competitor should then jump off the ground, with neither hands nor feet touching, then returning to the same position on the ground when landing. The feet are then returned in a single movement to the original position -that is, behind X. The participant must then lay flat on with their chest to the ground and arms spread out to the side before the next repetition. Only completed burpees will be assigned towards the record. If the 12 hours expires before the final burpee is completed, that one will not be included in the final total.