Most difficult level created in Super Mario Maker
“Pit of Panga: U-Break” by "PangaeaPanga" aka Alex Tan
0.006824 percentage
United States ()

Wrestling the record away from his other feverish creation, “Pit of Panga: P-Break”, “Pit of Panga: U-Break” by "PangaeaPanga" aka Alex Tan (USA) is the toughest level built in Super Mario Maker. As of 3 April 2017, this fiendish work of platforming art had been completed by rival players a miserly 279 times from an incredible 4,088,347 attempts. That equates to a completion rate of just 0.006824% (or 0.00% on the game's official website). That’s the lowest success score of any Super Mario Maker level that has been attempted at least 500,000 times.