First expedition to the South Pole in a wheel tractor
Manon Ossevoort
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Antarctica ()

On 22 November 2014 at 18:55 (UTC), Manon Ossevoort (Netherlands) left Novo Runway in Antarctica driving a Massey Ferguson 5610 farm wheel tractor, to complete a 4,638-km (2,881.91-mile) supported and assisted round trip to the South Pole that would last 27 days 19 hr 25 min. The Antarctica 2 expedition arrived back at Novo Runway on 20 December 2014, having clocked 438 h 17 min driving time at an average speed of 10.58 km/h (6.57 mi/h). On their arrival at the South Pole on 9 December at 03:30 (UTC) after 16 days 8 hr and 35 min and having covered 2,309 km (1,434.74 miles), the team was met by journalists and rested for approximately 24 hours, then drove 2,329 km (1,447.17 miles) back to Novo Runway, just in time for Manon to catch the last flight home before Christmas. The team members were: Manon Ossevoort (Expedition Ambassador and Lead Driver), Nicolas Bachelet (Lead Mechanic), Simon Foster (Creative Director and Audio-Visual Lead), Arnór Ingólfsson (Expedition Leader and Arctic Truck Driver 1), Matty McNair (Expedition Lead Guide ), Sarah McNair-Landry (Expedition Guide and Audio-Visual Support), Jóhannes Guðmundsson (Arctic Truck Driver 2).