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Heaviest man - living

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  • Who: Manuel Uribe

  • What: Heaviest man - living

  • Where: Mexico

The heaviest living man was Manuel Uribe (Mexico), who weighed 560 kg (1,235 lb; 88 stone) in January 2006, when he made a television appeal for help. Since then, and with medical assistance, Mr Uribe has slowly started to lose weight and as of 7 March 2007, he was reported to have lessened to 381 kg (840 lb, 60 stone). He remains morbidly obese and cannot yet stand up on his own, having been bed-ridden since 2002. He has since put some weight back on; in December 2009 he weighed 416 kg (917 lb; 65.51 stone) and in March 2012 444.6 kg (980 lb; 70 stone).


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