Largest model train set
Miniatur Wunderland GmbH
12000 metre(s)
Germany (Hamburg)

The biggest train set can be found in Miniatur Wunderland , Hamburg, Germany. It is modelled on a number of regions from around Europe and the USA and covers 1,150 m² (12,378 ft² 71.56 in²), but when completed in 2014 the 13 miles (20.92 km) of track will cover more than 2,300 m² (24,756 ft² 143.1 in²) and feature models of the Rocky Mountains, a mini Matterhorn and a Scandinavian fjord. The model comprises over 11,000 carriages and wagons, 900 signals, 3,500 buildings and 200,000 figures.

All the functions of the railway and its features are monitored from a control room with at least 40 computers. There are 50–60 “rail accidents” per day that need locating ASAP!