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Largest collection of pizza-related items

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  • Who: Brian Dwyer

  • What: Largest collection of pizza-related items

  • Where: United States

The largest collection of pizza-related items belongs to Brian Dwyer (USA) with 561 different items from all over the world, as of 31 July 2011, which he has been collecting since 2010.

Brian set up his entire collection in a temporary art space in a neighborhood called Fishtown, in Philadelphia, PA, USA, that was open to the public. His favourite item is the first item he purchased to start his collection, an LP record, titled, Fat Boys, that features the legendary hip-hop group photographed with a pizza on the cover. His collection includes items such as games, puzzles, matchboxes, stickers, comic books, household items, clothing and includes a Ninja Turtles Plinko arcade game called ‘PIZZA DROP’.


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