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Most expensive hot dog

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  • Who: Capitol Dawg

  • What: Most expensive hot dog

  • Where: United States

The most expensive hot dog is the California Capitol City Dawg which sells for USD $145.49 (GBP £93.39) at Capitol Dawg in Sacramento, California, USA and was introduced on 31 May 2012.

The hot dog is composed of an 18 inch, 3/4 pound all-beef, natural-casing, Chicago-style frank, French whole grain mustard, garlic and herb mayo, sautéed shallots, mixed baby greens, applewood and cherry smoked uncured bacon, Swedish moose cheese (costing $200 USD (GBP £128.39) a pound), chopped tomato, sweetened dried cranberries, a basil olive oil/cranberry-pear-coconut balsamic vinaigrette and fresh ground pepper. It is served on a custom-made herb focaccia roll toasted in white truffle butter. It is also available in a combo with french fries and a soda for USD $149.77 (GBP £96.14).


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