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  • Who: Mymains Stewart Gilligan

  • What: Longest tail on a domestic cat

  • Where: United States

The world's longest domestic cat tail measured 41.5 cm (16.34 in) on 13 February 2011 and belongs to Mymains Stewart Gilligan, or Stewie as he is called, who lives with his owners, Robin Hendrickson (USA) and Erik Brandsness (USA), in Reno, Nevada, USA. Stewie now holds two Guinness World Records titles, as he is also the longest domestic cat at 123 cm (48.5 in) long.

Stewie is a 6 year old black silver classic tabby Maine Coon. After having his tail measured, he spent the rest of the day offering cat kisses with proceeds going towards the Nevada Humane Society.


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