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  • Who: Stan Laurel

  • What: Most married Hollywood stars

  • Where: United States

Lana Turner (1920 - 1995), Mickey Rooney (b. 23 Sept 1922), Zsa Zsa Gabor (b. 6 Feb 1917), Elizabeth Taylor (b. 27 February 1932 - d. 23 March 2011) and Georgia Holt, have each married eight times.

Stan Laurel had eight wedding ceremonies, but of these one was invalid because his divorce was not final, and two were 'extra ceremonies' during his third marriage. In all he had four wives, one of whom he married twice. 1.Lois Neilson: Legal marriage 1926 - divorced 1935. 2.Virginai Ruth Rogers: Wedding ceremony 1934, legal marriage 1935 (first ceremony invalid as not divorced) - divorce 1937. 3. Virginia Ruth: Legal marriage 1941 - divorced 1946. 4. Illeana (Vera Lvanova Shuvalova - a Russian singer/dancer) legal marriage 1/1/1938. Wedding ceremony 28/2/1938 (based on fear that first ceremony was not valid) Wedding ceremony 26 April 1938 (Russian Orthodox church ceremony) - divorced 1940. 5. Ida Kitaeva Raphael (Russian opera singer and actress) Legal marriage 1946.


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