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Largest onion bhaji

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  • Who: Colin Burt

  • What: Largest onion bhaji

  • Where: United Kingdom

The largest onion bhaji weighed 102.2 kg (225 lb 4.9 oz) and was made by Colin Burt, a team of cookery students from Bradford College and Prashad Restaurant (all UK) in the Centenary Square, in the centre of Bradford, UK, on 28 September 2011.

The witnesses are from Darren Hall (catering academy), Taj Butt (City of Bradford Metropolitan District Council) and Naveeda Ikram (Lord Mayor Councillor of Bradford). The onion bhaji was cooked in layers to ensure that it was cooked and edible throughout. The weight of the bhaji and its base was confirmed as 113.6kg, the weight of the base was confirmed as 11.4kg and the net weight of the bhaji was confirmed as 102.2kg. The length of the bhaji was 40.94 inches, the width of the bhaji was 29.62 inches and the height was 12.20 inches. The ingredients of the bhaji consisted of gram flour, 20kg, Rice flour 8kg, salt 0.5kg, ground corriander 1.5kg, chilli powder 1.5kg, Garam masala 1.5kg, Turmeric 0.75kg, Black pepper 0.75kg, Tomato pasata 8kg, Water 20kg and sliced onion 100kg. The weight of the bhaji was measured by Linda Hollings from Rance Booth & Smith Architects and calibrated from A. Philips from Avery Weigh-Tronix.


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