We know world-beating records and talent like no other organisation or brand and have the expertise and content to make jaw-droppingly exciting programmes. Our flexible format tailors shows to a specific demographic and audience, making the series truly local with a global outlook. From primetime, shiny-floor Saturday night entertainment shows for family viewing to travelling outdoor shows, to documentaries and kids’ shows, there is an exciting show to suit all territories, audiences and budgets.

Guinness World Records covers it all from the shortest man to the highest parachute jump. Our database has over 40,000 entries and our back catalogue over 850 hours of programming spans the whole globe. Recent successes include new productions in the US, UK, Italy and China, clip shows, studio-based entertainment and behind-the-scenes documentaries. With footage constantly being updated as new attempts are made, we know what makes record-breaking TV.

Ratings Highlights: Highest rated show of the week on CBBC (Officially Amazing, UK), doubled slot average on ITV2 (Totally Bonkers Guinness World Records, UK); Over 250m reached on CCTV1 for Chinese New Year 2015 (Guinness World Records Show, China)

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