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Great news! If you’re an organisation, charity or school – and know the exact record you wish to attempt – then you can submit a record application right now.

Our standard application process is fully self-service. When using this service you can apply on behalf of a sports association, a charity, a school, university or NPO organisation. What’s more you can secure the official Guinness World records response within three working-days with Fast Track; our priority review service.

Fast Track costs £450/$700 (plus 20% VAT where applicable) and guarantees that your record application is given priority and it will be reviewed and processed ahead of standard applications. Fast Track does not guarantee your record proposal will be accepted as a Guinness World Records title.

To use the standard record application, you must know the record title that will be attempted – as the self-service option does not provide guidance on suitable or available record titles.

Please note, you should only submit a standard application if you do not wish to invite a Guinness World Records official judge or have immediate verification of your record attempt. If you would like to discuss your record ideas or learn more about adjudication and on-site record confirmation speak to our expert team: Contact Us

By choosing to submit your own record application, you will be taken to the standard record application facility. Be sure to opt for Fast Track when making your application or you could be waiting up to 12 weeks for your application to be reviewed. For further information check out our FAQs.

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