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PepsiCo and Lowe's Market arrange nearly 72,000 12-packs of Pepsi for display record


Everywhere you look this summer, people will most likely seek refreshment with an ice-cold soda.

And if you happen to look in El Paso, Texas, Pepsi is king.

Lowe's Market of El Paso decided to make a summer splash in its store by hosting and constructing a massive display of PepsiCo products. In fact, the final result of nearly 72,000 12-packs of various Pepsi varieties resulted in the world record being broken for the largest packaged product display.

Pepsi 5.jpg

Pepsi, Diet Pepsi, Cherry Pepsi, and more -- they all made it into the final display, which took up an entire wall and aisle space of the market. The record-breaking measurement came in at precisely 472.58 m³ (16,689 ft³).

To be exact, a total of 71,595 packages were arranged by a team requiring 25 hours to set up the display. That amounts to 859,140 cans of Pepsi within the arrangement. The total weight of the packages clocked in at 337,739 kg (744,588 lb). 

This quick video shot by local news stations KFOX14 gives a little more depth to the gigantic display.

It marks the eighth time this record has been broken since its inception in 1999. Previous holders include Procter & Gamble Gulf, Tide Egypt, and Coca-Cola Denmark. Lowe's Market and PepsiCo broke the 9-month-old mark of 450.77 m³ (15,918.79 ft³) by Horizon Hýzlý Tüketim Ürünleri Pazarlama Satýþ ve Tic. A.Þ, a Turkish company that arranged 11,642 packages of toilet paper.

This achievement adds El Paso to a distinct international list: all eight times the record has been set, it's fallen in a different country.

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Representatives from Lowe's expect the packages to not last more than a few weeks, a hunch borne out by the rush of customers to purchase from the record-breaking display instantly after it was opened to the public.

"Everybody went right for the display," Guinness World Records adjudicator Michael Empric said. "They told me they wanted to get their hands 'on one of the Pepsis that broke the record.'"

Have nearly a million soda cans lying around, or a completely different record idea for your organization? Make sure to contact the Guinness World Records events management team with your group's details.

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