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Kemps celebrates 100th anniversary with largest ice cream scoop


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We're gonna need a bigger spoon.

The old ice cream parlor request for "two scoops, please!" wouldn't fly in Cedarburg, Wisconsin, where Kemps Dairy recently set the record for the largest scoop of ice cream to celebrate its 100th anniversary. The historic serving tipped the scales at 1,365.31 kg (3,010 lb).

The flavor? Delicious, refreshing strawberry.

GWR Largest ice cream scoop-2.jpg

In addition to its weight, the scoop measured 5 ft, 6 in (1.67 m) tall and 6 ft, 2 in (1.88 m) wide, containing approximately 733 household containers of ice cream combined into one mass.

Kemps undertook the attempt after a lengthy brainstorming session, landing on a record-breaking event as the best value among its various proposed centennial celebrations.

"If you have to put this in a dollar value, it would be hard to do it," said Julie Myhre, assistant marketing manager for Kemps. "The closest thing you can look at is working with a PR agency. And they're going to cost you 10 times what this is going to cost. So it's a simple way to interact really closely with your consumers and promote your brand."

As all large food world records are required to either be donated or consumed, thousands of attendees at the Cedarburg Strawberry Festival gladly lined up to receive a generous portion of the ice cream for free throughout the weekend.

GWR Largest ice cream scoop-6.jpg

According to Kemps, the amount of ice cream used would fill an entire football field. The group enlisted the help of five nationally ranked snow sculptors to turn the source ice cream into one individual scoop.

"What better way to commemorate the traditions of Kemps than by attempting to set a delicious Guinness World Record?" said Rachel Kyllo, senior vice president of sales and marketing for Kemps. "Plus, it's an historic celebration you can eat!"

You can watch the unveiling of the historic serving below.

As for whether the idea to attempt a world record helped Kemps reach all of its internal goals, Myhre says that all of the company's boxes were ticked: interacting with community, interacting with media, and engaging employees.

"We're super happy, it went really well," Myhre elaborated. "The morale for the employees is sky high. People take ownership in this and they feel that they were part of something that meant something, and that will mean something going forward. They'll talk about this with their kids someday.

"It got us what we wanted, which was some exposure and some really positive brand acknowledgement."

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