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Telmex tops its own massive digital inclusion campaign record


When it comes to brand saturation, few global entities can match the ubiquity of telecommunications company Telmex in Mexico. Founded in 1947 and run with heavy investment by the world-famous Slim family, Telmex continues today with market share over 80% among Internet Service Providers in the country.

So when Telmex wanted to make the Internet more accessible to Mexico’s general public, it teamed with Guinness World Records for a three-pronged record-breaking campaign, achieving a treble of success in April.

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In its second year partnering with Guinness World Records, Telmex’s “Aldea Digital” (Digital Village) broke its own 2013 record for the largest digital inclusion event, bringing 258,896 visitors to Mexico City’s famous Zócalo plaza. Telmex also broke the records for most people trained in IT in one month (177,517) and the most scans of an Augmented Reality app in 8 hours (49,237).

Technology industry titans like Steve Wozniak and Hamadoun Touré joined the more than a quarter million participants who attended the 2-week conference. An additional 230,000 visitors were estimated to have accessed the event online remotely.

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The 2014 Digital Village came on the heels of 2013’s digital inclusion record being featured by Forbes, and Telmex’s charitable foundation division breaking the record for the largest football/soccer tournament with its nationwide “Copa Telmex” seven straight years.

Once inside the Digital Village, visitors walked through an array of exhibits and educational videos, with the option of more than 40 different free workshops, ranging from IT basics to application development, programming, 3D animation and robotics.

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The stated goal of the record attempts and event was to bring awareness of Internet usage and broadband access to those for whom it was unfamiliar. By the end of the record-breaking festival, Telmex confirmed that more than 30,000 visitors sent an email for the first time in their lives.

Telmex plans to celebrate its achievements by commissioning a trailer advertisement to play in movie theaters across Mexico in the coming weeks.

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Combining its latest triple record success with its past attempts, Telmex has now broken a total of 14 Guinness World Records titles in the last 7 years.

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