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Schlitterbahn Water Park teams with Guinness World Records to reveal height of new tallest water slide, Verrückt


Higher. Faster. Wetter?

That's exactly the idea behind Schlitterbahn Water Park's newest attraction, the exotically named Verrückt.

Located in Kansas City, Kansas, USA, the Verrückt is scheduled to open to the public May 23 and when it does, it will do so as the tallest water slide. Officially verified by Guinness World Records prior to its opening, the Verrückt stands at a record-breaking height of 51.38 m (168 ft 7 in).

Waterslide 1 story.jpg

After the initial, nearly vertical drop, riders then zoom up a five-story hill before coming to a stop, presumably with their hearts nearly literally ready to beat out of their chests. Top speeds are expected to hit 65 mph (104.6 km/h).

For an even better idea of just how daunting and exciting the Verrückt looks, check out this video produced by Schlitterbahn for a bird's-eye view of the slide.

Riders will take the slide four to a raft, with everyone strapped in and the slide surrounded by a protective mesh neeting.

For those uninitiated in German, verrückt translates as "insane." A fitting adjective for a ride that drops you from a height taller than Niagara Falls and twice as high as Shawn Dollar's record-breaking largest wave surfed.

This graphic created by Schlitterbahn helps give a better idea of how the Verrückt stands comparatively.

Waterslide poster.png

The previous record belonged to Kilimanjaro at Águas Quentes Country Club in Rio de Janeiro. It stood at 49.9 m (163 ft 9 in) and was constructed in 2002. Schlitterbahn also operates four water parks throughout Texas, but none will have a slide to match the Verrückt.

Waterslide 2 story.jpg

Teasing the official height reveal and verification for weeks, Schlitterbahn has racked up nearly 4.3 million YouTube views of the video above, and the measurement verification ceremony was attended by none other the the mayor of Kansas City and the governor of Kansas.

The height's reveal drew subsequent national media coverage from Fox News, The Travel Channel, and USA Today. 

"We wanted our Kansas City park to have an iconic ride all to itself," the Verrückt web site announced. "Just goes to show you, when Schlitterbahn has fun with water, we are always willing to go to record heights!"

Has the Verrückt's unveiling inspired you or your group to attempt a record of your own? Make sure to contact the Guinness World Records events management team with your organization's details.

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