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Lego Store Budapest reach record breaking heights with tower record


The sky was the limit for a group of Official Lego Builders who last week travelled from Denmark to Budapest, Hungary.  

Their mission was to participate in a Guinness World Records title attempt for The Tallest Structure Built with Interlocking Plastic Bricks. 


With a bit of help from a group of local school children and the placement of the final piece from district mayor Antal Rogán success was achieved and a new record set.

Construction of the “modern obelisk” took from four days.   Stood in front of Saint Stephen’s Basilica, the impressive structure reached an incredible 34.76 metres high.


GWR guidelines explicitly state, “No adhesives or supporting structures of any kind may be used in any way to strengthen the structure.” 

Sadly, Lego does not have the longevity of stone and the scheduled dismantling of the ‘modern obelisk’ took place on 26th May.


Always a popular record, this towering feat really caught the attention of the global media with pick up in The Guardian, The Telegraph, BBC and ITN to name just a few UK titles. 

The stunt also attracted a lot of comments on Reddit, with users wondering if the structure was really free-standing and how much the required quantity (approximately 450,000) bricks of Lego would actually cost. 

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