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German safari experience Serengeti Park celebrates 40th anniversary with World’s Largest Fruitcake


Serengeti Park, a zoo and leisure park in Germany, decided that when it came to celebrating their 40th anniversary, only the world’s biggest fruitcake cake would do. 

On the 24th May 2014 the park’s Managing Director Dr. Fabrizio Sepe and his team undertook their mammoth catering challenge; the production of a 4,353kg fruitcake. 


The time-lapsed filming of the record attempt ensured incredible footage of the culinary feat disseminated via social media, where this campaign attracted high engagement rates. 

With an audience of 200 VIP guests, including former German President Christian Wulff, this glamorous anniversary occasion sparked a great deal of mainstream media attention across German and English language titles, including coverage on,, and


The previous world record had been set by Just Bake, India in 2011, with a cake weighing 3,825 kg that measured 6 x 9 metres.

Serengeti Park managed to beat this by 528kg, with the final finished cake measuring a mouth-watering 12 x 8 metres.


Now proud holders of the World’s Largest Fruitcake Guinness World Record; the leisure Park in Hodenhagen, Germany achieved zoological garden status in 2004. 

Home to over 1,500 free-roaming animals, Serengeti Park provides an African-styled safari experience within European borders.

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