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PwC US bolsters youth education campaign with record financial literacy lesson


In proving that it's never too early to start learning, PwC US called on hundreds of partners and staff across the southwestern U.S. on Sept. 24 to set a new world record for the largest financial literacy lesson at multiple venues.

Along with community organizations Playworks and Junior Achievement, PwC made its way to 18 elementary schools throughout Southern CaliforniaArizona, and Nevada to establish the record at 5,624 participants in the lesson. The initiative was part of PwC's "Earn Your Future" campaign, a $160 million investment created to address youth education with a focus on financial literacy.

"PwC has a vested interest in our communities and the financial education of our youth," said Brian Cullinan, pictured below, Managing Partner of PwC's Southern CaliforniaArizona and Nevada Market. "Through our Earn Your Future events today, we not only set a world record - we made a real impact."

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Working at 18 schools in Los AngelesOrange CountySan DiegoLas Vegas and Phoenix, PwC volunteers taught third, fourth, and fifth graders lessons on spending, saving and investing, as well as planning and other money management concepts. As part of the program, students learned the advantages and some of the difficulties of saving for short-term and long term goals. In addition, students were asked to identify a short-term financial goal (e.g., purchase a new bike, attend summer camp, or buy an amusement park ticket) and develop a plan and timetable for achieving it, including ways for them to earn money and reduce their expenses.

As required for record purposes, lessons at each venue ran concurrently and for at least 30 minutes. An official Guinness World Records adjudicator was on-site to view live streams of each lesson, as well as present PwC with official verification at the the group's Los Angeles offices.

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In its first year, PwC's "Earn Your Future" campaign impacted 500,000 youth and 18,000 educators, and partners and staff contributed 150,000 volunteer service hours to youth education and development. Additionally, PwC donated $12 million to support youth related causes.

"It was incredible to see the students so excited about being part of this event and learning money management skills from PwC volunteers," said Jera Turner, Principal at Grape Street Elementary School in Los Angeles. "It was a great day for our students and we all appreciated PwC's efforts and the time they spent with us to set this world record."

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