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Guinness World Records announces the record-breaking brands scoring a place in the new 2014 edition book


Guinness World Records, the global authority on record-breaking achievement, today launches its latest edition GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS 2014. The iconic annual recognises an incredible array of international record-breakers from the Lowest Limbo Skater, the Longest beard on a female, to the world’s Largest Collection of Vacuum Cleaners and the Fastest Crossing of a Tightrope by a Dog.

To celebrate the latest edition of the world’s best-selling copyrighted ever, Guinness World Records today announces the record-making brands featured in the 2014 book:

Felix Baumgartner, pictured above, smashed multiple records on October 14th 2012, helping Red Bull to achieve a title of their own - the Largest audience for a live stream advertisement - after eight million people logged on to witness the epic conclusion to the brand’s five-year $20 million Red Bull Stratos project.

Nissan achieved a new record in Feburary 2013 when it unveiled the Largest indoor illuminated advertising billboard at Dubai International Airport.


The epic billboard has an area 1,874ft² and uses more than 183,000 LEDs.

British Airways is recognized for its double-record PR stunt, undertaken to promote its sponsorship of Comic Relief 2013, and which new records achieved for the Highest concert, with performances from Kim Wilde and Tony Hadley, and the Highest Harlem shake,pictured below,  both of which took place at 43,000ft.  


eBay created the world’s Fastest milk float, which achieved a top speed of 77.53mph, to activate its sponsorship of The British Touring Car Championship 2012 season. 


Two brands using record-breaking feats to engage consumers are De’Longhi featured with its Largest cup of coffee (filled with 13,200 litres of De’Longhi coffee) created to mark the end of British Summer Time and give London commuters a boost on their first winter journey to work – and Pimms which honoured the start of Summer time with the world’s Largest deck chair (measuring 8.36 metres (27 ft 5 in) tall and 9.57 metres (31 ft 4 in) long).

The Super Bowl once again takes the Most expensive advertising slot title with a 30-second ad during the 2013 Super Bowl XLVII costing $3.8million, up $300,000 from 2012.

Another brand breaking its own record is Chanel. The company again secured the title Highest fee paid to an actor for an advert with Brad Pitt’s $7 million appearance for Chanel No.5. An achievement which eclipsed that of previous record holder, Nicole Kidman, who earned $3.8million for her 2004 campaign which was also for Chanel No.5.  

Commenting on the brands appearing in the 2014 Guinness World Records, Editor-in-Chief Craig Glenday said: "We are seeing ever more brands taking on the ultimate challenge of a Guinness World Records title. The inclusion of these brands in the 2014 edition reflects the quality, creativity and innovation we’ve seen from commercial businesses. These records reflect the amazing achievements we’re increasingly recognising from brands and have been selected for their appeal to our global audiences.”

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