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Guinness World Records toys now featured in Wendy's Kids' Meals


In a partnership sure to add a little friendly record-breaking competition to family dining, Guinness World Records has teamed up with Wendy’s® for a six-week duration in which every Wendy’s Kids’ Meal™ will come with one of six Guinness World Records record-breaking toys.

With distribution from August 12-September 22 in the United States and Canada, each toy provides fun challenges and a chance for parents and kids to outdo each other for the title of family’s best. Tallest, smallest, fastest, farthest – each Kids’ Meal will allow parents and kids to keep the fun going!

The six toys include:

  • Paper aircraft: each kit comes with five different types of paper and instructions on how to design each for a specific world record flight. There’s the duration aircraft, high speed flyer, long distance aircraft, and precision flyer, plus a landing strip to aim for.
  • High flying disc: complete with a perfect throwing motion diagram, brother and sister will be going after the record for most behind-the-back flying disc catches in one minute (24) in no time!
  • Trick footbag: Once the neighborhood gets a hold of the skills on this footbag, it’s only a matter of time before the record of 946 people playing in a circle at once gets taken down.
  • Hopscotch record kit: this chalk-and-marker set features an official Guinness World Records game piece – everything a kid needs to challenge the record for fastest game of hopscotch, at 1 minute 1.97 seconds!
  • Record-setting timer: what better item to time all record attempts?! This timer also comes with a deck of record challenge suggestions, like seeing how many frog jumps can be completed in one minute.
  • Mini-magazine: the wildest records, craziest pictures, and most fun games and puzzles – all right at the reader’s fingertips.

Parents and kids will also be given a special link with each meal that they can visit to view and download a free Guinness World Records eBook presented by Wendy’s.

The eBook provides an exclusive guide to records that families can try to break, so mom or dad or brother or sister can set the family record. It’s also packed with many fantastic records that can be broken in just a minute, a Fun Family Quiz to test everyone’s record knowledge, incredible juggling records, awesome puzzles and games, and amazing Guinness World Records facts.

All six toys plus eBook link are available now in all Wendy’s Kids’ Meals.


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