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Infinera and DANTE highlight telecommunications breakthrough with world record attempt


Earlier this month, Optical connectivity specialists Infinera teamed up with European academic and research network provider DANTE to set a new Guinness World Record with a landmark new telecommunications benchmark.

The two organisations set up an 8 Tbps (terabit per second) optical connection between Amsterdam and Hamburg in just 19 minutes and one second, earning them a record for the fastest provisioning of long-haul multi-Terabit transmission capacity on a live network.

In telecommunications, provisioning is the process of preparing and equipping a network to allow it to provide new services to its users.

The 8TB per second connection capacity Infinera set up for the attempt would allow for 1.6million HD movies to be streamed simultaneously in both directions, a size equivalent to the entire capacity of the internet in 2005.


With streaming services such as Netflix and BBC iPlayer, people are using the internet in increasingly sophisticated and HD ways, placing a greater demand on internet service providers. Internet networks are looking to continually increase their capacity in response to consumer demands. With this in mind Infinera were looking to draw attention to their own optical chips that are used for fibre optic provisioning, which can deliver industry-leading capacities.

Speaking after the successful record attempt, Infinera Product Evangelist Geoff Bennett, who headed up the project said: “The Guinness World Records title lets us reach areas of the media that we wouldn’t normally.”

He added: “It felt a bit odd.  I’ve been living and breathing this project for almost four months. 

“When I was a kid growing up in 1970s Britain, Record Breakers was one of my favourite shows and finally, after all these years I’m a Record Breaker!”


“A whole team of amazing people helped me make it possible”.

The attempt generated widespread international press coverage for Infinera, including the Wall Street Journal, Tech Week Europe, Yahoo Finance and Telecom TV.


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