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HungryGoWhere launch new Malaysian service with world record serving of national dish


Earlier this month, food website and mobile app HungryGoWhere marked the expansion of its service into Malaysia with a world record attempt based around the country‘s national dish.

Shoppers at the Sunway Pyramid shopping mall, located in the heart of Bandar Sunway, Subang Jaya, were able to witness a successful attempt at the longest line of nasi lemak bungkus (wraps) record.

As readily available from school canteens as it is high end restaurants, Nasi lemak’s tasty combination of coconut rice with sambal chili wrapped in banana leaves has seen it endure as Malaysia’s most iconic dish.

For the record attempt, volunteers and HungryGoWhere staff members began arranging the packets as early as 9am on tables placed around the mall.

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According to the Guinness World Record guidelines, each nasi lemak packet needed to have a quarter cup rice, 1 slice of cucumber, half a boiled egg, a soup spoon of sambal belacan and also needed to be wrapped traditional-style in banana leaves.

After six hours, Guinness World Records adjudicator Carim Valerio announced that a new world record had indeed been set, with 11,315 packets used.

She then presented the much-awaited certificate to Allen Liew, chief executive officer of HungryGoWhere’s owners Singtel (Digital Life).

Currently the most popular food portal in Singapore, HungryGoWhere offers restaurant reviews and recommendations from the general public, with plans to expand further into Asia and Australia.

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Explaining the decision behind using the record attempt to launch the company’s first foray into a new market, HungryGoWhere Malaysia director Linda Foo said: “We chose the nasi lemak record attempt because it is everyone’s favourite food and can be eaten at any time of the day, for breakfast, lunch, dinner or even supper,”

Malaysian actress, model and television host Nora Danish, who was present during the attempt said “Nasi lemak is my favourite dish - I think it is awesome that HungryGoWhere is using nasi lemak to set this world record.”

The nasi lemak did not go to waste after the attempt, with around 7,000 packets distributed to various charities and churches, while others were given out to shoppers at the mall.

The record attempt drew the attention of a number of food websites, along with national news sites such as The Star and Metro Online Broadcast.

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