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Guinness World Records Challenge Fairs bring record breaking to Arabian Centres Co. Malls


Last month saw Arabian Centres Co. Ltd host Guinness World Records ™Challenge Fairs in three of the kingdom’s most prominent malls.

Billed under the slogan “Summer Champions 2013, the road show started at Mall of Arabia- Jeddah on the 6 and 7 June followed by Mall of Dhahran–Khobar on June 13 and 14 June, and Al Salaam Mall- Jeddah on the June 20 and 21 June.

Packed with facts and record-breaking information, the Challenge Fairs also gave visitors to the malls the chance to attempt world records in front of an official Guinness World Records adjudicator. 


A total of 24 world records were broken during the events, including new Guinness World Records title for fastest time to arrange movie titles into alphabetical order, Most supplements inserted into a broadsheet newspaper and Fastest time to sort 30 colored balls using one hand.


Notable new world records set during the events included Ahmed Mourady achieving the title for Fastest time to type the Arabic alphabet on an iPad with an incredible time of 7.35 seconds and dexterous Hamdi M. Al-Nouri setting a new benchmark for Most flip flops held in one hand in one minute with a record-setting 22.


Commentating on the impressive amount of records broken, Tom Ibison, Guinness World Records official adjudicator, who was present at the records fairs said: “The level of interest in the Guinness World Records challenge fair has been fantastic,”

“At every challenge fair location we've seen large crowds, excited and ready to put their skills to the ultimate test."

“The people of Saudi Arabia have been among the most passionate and tenacious competitors I've seen - and this is reflected in the fantastic number of records broken,”


Ibison added that he expects many more records to be broken within the region.

“In the past five years we’ve seen an increase in record applications by 400 percent from across the Middle East. In response, Guinness World Records opened its Middle East office in Dubai earlier this year with the aim of making it easier for businesses and people to access and achieve world records."

“I was made to feel so welcome in Saudi Arabia, it would be a delight to be invited back to adjudicate more record attempts - I hope I get the call soon!"


Talal Omar, who heads the Guinness World Records Middle East office in Dubai, believes it is a desire to be recognized as the world’s best and to measure themselves against the achievements of people from around the world that has led to more Saudi interest in making and breaking records.

“It is the same ambition that inspires Saudis that fuels all our record-breakers,” he said.

Omar said record-breaking is all about finding something that an individual is good at. “We encourage people to explore the records that Guinness World Records already holds and then let their imagination run wild. We always want to hear about new record ideas,” he said.

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