Guinness World Records - Officially Amazing

Kuwait City’s Marina Mall plays host to Guinness World Records In-a-Minute event


World records tumbled last month as Fiesta Kuwait staged their second Guinness World Records In-a-Minute event at the Marina Mall in Kuwait City.

Taking place over the course of three days, this year's event was took place in partnership with Kuwait's Association of Child and Maternity, with the aim of delivering record-breaking entertainment for the children of the country.

Pupils from schools across Kuwait, both Arabic and international, aged from 5 years to 15 years, were given the chance to attend the Challenge Fair and take on each other in live attempts to break a range of 60-second Guinness World Records titles.

A total of ten world records were broken over the course of the event, including new benchmarks set for most baby food eaten in one minute, the most jelly beans moved using a straw in one minute and most flavours of ice cream identifed in one minute blindfolded.

Each record challenge was sponsored by a commercial partner, with sponsors including Turkish Airlines, Yaico, Chicco, Gymboree, Americana, Sultan Center, Milupa, Gum, and Alanbaa Newspaper.

The event was opened with an appearance of two of iconic record holders, Jyoti Amge (Shortest woman - living), and Brahim Takioullah (Largest feet on a living person).

Visitors to the fair were given the chance to meet both record holders, with the mall attracting three times as many visitors on average than a normal day.

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