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SPF brings multinational partners together to build largest pet food container


When the Brazilian branch of multinational French corporation SPF, a company of DIANA GROUP - and a market leader in pet food palatibility production - wanted to find a way to keep staff and clients entertained and engaged at its annual Symposium this year, it decided to try and be the best in another field: breaking a world record.

Combining the vision and efforts of 28 SPF staff members and 173 clients from the Latin American market, the group unveiled the largest pet food container on the opening night of the three-day conference. The final receptacle measured 3.015 m x 1.78 m x 0.50 m (9 ft 10 in x 5 ft 10 in x 1 ft 7 in), unveiled in Águas de São Pedro, São Paulo, Brazil on Oct. 28.

Pet food story body.jpg

The container took weeks to design and create, showing off the scope of its participants in the process. People from 101 different companies took part, encompassing 13 different nationalities. It served as a highlight for the fourth-annual gathering, officially titled "IV Simposio de SPF."

Attendees to the conference were asked to fill up the container with pet food representative of their own brands, and each person who contributed was offered a medal of participation. By the time the package was filled and sealed, the official Guinness World Records certificate was handed over (above) and the Symposium off to a record-smashing start.

The completed package weighed 563.2 kg (1,241.6 lb) after everyone contributed their share of dry pet food. After the event, all food was then donated to benefit local pets.

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