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Pi Eventos helps Cencosud bring longest graffiti scroll back to Latin America


Time and again when it needs to help its clients make a splash, Pi Eventos turns to Guinness World Records.

In its latest record-breaking triumph, the Argentine events company helped Cencosud - the third-largest retailer in Latin America - bring the record for the longest graffiti scroll back to the region. Using urban artists as consultants and relying on its own employees for execution, Cencosud completed a scroll measuring 1,981 m (6,499 ft 4 in) long.

Jorge Farray is the CEO of Pi Eventos.

"In my time having put on these corporate events," he said, "I have never seen any other activities that allow so many experiences at once: teamwork, leadership, motivation, communication - it's a perfect combination."

The attempt took place in the beautiful mountain lake region of San Carlos de Bariloche, Argentina, providing a mesmerizing backdrop for an activity meant to encourage team-building and staff engagement.


In particular, the longest graffiti scroll record has been broken 16 times in 10 countries over the last 12 years; six of those times have been by companies engaging their staff.

Pi Eventos originally pointed Danone in the direction of this record in 2011, when it broke the mark at 1,463.85 m (4802.65 ft) long, in Brazil. After seeing the number broken in Malaysia, the Netherlands, and then the UAE since then, the inspiration was in place to return the accomplishment to South America.


For its required unifying theme, the scroll depicted an artistic timeline of the company's entire history.

Meanwhile, Cencosud joins a long list of clients that Pi Eventos has helped with both team building and PR awareness by assisting with the organization of world record attempts. In addition to Danone, other notable groups to have broken various records include Monsanto and GlaxoSmithKline.


Farray added: "This is really unbeatable for any groups that need to realize they don't have any limits."

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