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Our record-breaking clients come from leading brands including Unilever, Sharp, Virgin Mobile, Nissan and Cadbury’s who we work with to deliver real business results through  tailor-made record-breaking campaigns.

We have a specialist creative and account management team who work closely with corporate clients to understand their objectives and provide bespoke solutions and advice around maximising the impact and success of a Guinness World Records™ Record Attempt. 

Contact the team today for more information about our business services. 

If you do not wish to proceed with these services, we also offer a Fast Track priority processing, self-service option which ensures both your record application and post-attempt evidence review is processed within just 3 working days and given priority ahead of standard claims. Fast Track costs £450/$700 (plus 20% VAT where applicable). Please note, Fast Track does not guarantee your record proposal will be accepted as a Guinness World Records title.

To proceed with Fast Track, please follow this link to register, and choose Fast Track during the application process.


Standard Record Application
If you do not choose to use the Fast Track priority review service, you can submit a free Standard Record Application, however please be advised that this fully self-service option can take up to 6 weeks to assess an application for existing record titles and up to 12 weeks to assess an application for a new title, and that this time frame also applies for evidence review.  To use the standard record application, you must know the record title you wish to attempt, as this self-service option does not provide guidance on suitable or available record titles.

To proceed with a standard record application, please follow this link to register and submit an application.