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We’ve been recording the world's achievements since 1955 – yours could be next!

How do I attempt a world record?

At Guinness World Records we want everyone, anywhere in the world to be able to make their own record-breaking dreams a reality. 

That's why the record application and assessment process for individuals is completely FREE - and always will be.

The free application service we offer individuals takes up to 6 weeks for existing records and up to 12 weeks for new record categories. 

The entire process - from your first application to the delivery of your personal Guinness World Records certificate when you break a record – is offered without charge.

Can I get a faster response? 

Yes! If you need a quicker response to your application our Fast Track service guarantees a response to your application in three working days and costs £450/$700. You can select Fast Track during your application. 

Can I invite a judge? 

Yes! Our Record Adjudicators travel the world to provide on-the-spot verification of record attempts and you can hire a judge to attend your attempt. Inviting a Guinness World Records Adjudicator is a paid-for service. For further information and to invite a judge, select this option when making a standard application.


Congratulations! You have taken the first step on your journey to becoming a record breaker.

We look forward to welcoming you to the Guinness World Records community of record holders.

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