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Guinness World Records holds a wealth of IP and expertise that can bring your ideas to life. We've put 60 years of record-breaking experience into creating our services which have been tried-and-tested by businesses across the globe; in 2014 we ran over 800 brand activations across 68 countries. The Guinness World Records brand holds 97% recognition in the US & UK alone, providing an established stamp of strength and credibility with broad audience appeal, successfully enabling you to stand out in a saturated marketplace.

From experiential events to employee engagement and team-building, anniversary celebrations or brand activation & good cause awareness campaigns; we can design bespoke record-based campaigns that generate authentic dialogue with your core audience and the media alike. Our creative team comprises experiential, marketing and commercial expertise which means that you'll benefit from a multi-dimensional perspective and campaigns which make an impact; from identifying a unique record-title and promoting participation, through to spreading the word about your achievement and maximising your record-holder status across core audience touchpoints.

Record Consultancy

Our creative team will integrate your key messages and brand values to deliver a record campaign that engages your audience with authenticity, leaving a positive and lasting impact. Benefit from:
  • An account managed service where we will complete your application forms for you. 
  • Maximise achievement of your desired outcomes with a bespoke record-based solution aligned with your objectives.
  • Full explanation of your record guidelines to increase the likelihood of a successful record attempt.
  • Expert advice and tips on making the most of associated PR and Marketing opportunities to maximise your ROI. 

Attendee Memorabilia

We can provide Attendance Flyers that are specially designed by the Guinness World Records in-house design team to feature your logo and branding alongside the official GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS Official Attempt logo.

These can be ordered prior to your attempt so that you can print and distribute them ‘in-the-moment’ straight after the attempt or share with participants and attendees immediately after your certificate presentation to say thanks for their support.

Official Record Event - Invite a Judge

There's nothing quite like the presence of an Official Guinness World Records Judge to create a sense of prestige, attract media and enhance the emotional connection between your brand and audience.  Benefit from:
  • A fully account managed service - we complete your application form and evidence requirements.  
  • Get planning straight away - immediate processing of your application and receipt of your record guidelines. 
  • Full explanation of your guidelines - increase the likelihood of a successful outcome. 
  • 'In-the-moment' verification of your record attempt success - essential for audience and media engagement.
  • Photo opportunities for press announcements with an official Guinness World Records certificate presentation.
  • Maximise awareness, excitement and media coverage before and after with license of the Official Attempt logo and Official Record Holder logos.*
  • Make your Official Record Event ‘look the part’ - produce branded t-shirts and banners with the official GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS™ word mark and Official Attempt logo.*

*Subject to terms and conditions of use.

Employee Engagement & Teambuilding

Employ the power of record-breaking to unite and inspire your employees to be the world’s greatest. No matter what corporate challenge you’re facing, when it comes to driving business performance, there’s nothing more important than a committed and cohesive workforce. Our corporate record-breaking solutions incorporate the ultimate accolade of prestige and strength, a Guinness World Records title challenge and are designed to energise employees, bring teams together in a shared sense of achievement and to reaffirm the belief, that anything is achievable. All solutions are custom-built to bring to life key messages with authenticity while providing employees with a unique teambuilding experience and once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to discover what it means to be a record-breaker. Event formats can be tailored to fit any context including:

  • Conferences
  • Staff parties
  • Leadership away-days
  • Training courses
  • SPIF days

Depending on your requirements, we can provide:

  • BRIEFING & RESEARCH SERVICE: Your Account Manager will take a detailed brief covering - objectives, corporate challenges, key messages and audience demographics - before our specialist Project Management Team use this to research and develop a record-title challenge that excites and engages employees.
  • PRE-EVENT: Your Account Manager will provide a suggested running order to boost the likelihood of a successful record attempt and deliver maximum impact, so that employees are revelling in their experience long after the attempt!
  • TEASERS: Maximise your investment and generate pre-attempt excitement with an internal seeding campaign in the lead-up. Our team can put together a teaser package themed around your record-attempt to energise employees and get them ready for record-breaking.
  • GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS EVENTS TEAM: No time to plan and need someone to run your event? We can provide an experienced team to run your record attempt on the day which includes pre-event logistics, presentations, media and schedule management as well as coaches and an MC. Our experienced team are fully trained to create a sense of atmosphere and ensure that everyone embraces the spirit of record-breaking!

Live & Experiential Marketing

Specifically designed to attract and entertain a passing audience GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS Live! is perfect for shopping centres, festivals, sporting events and corporate hospitality looking for live, family-friendly engagement. 

The Live! experience allows people to practise, attempt and even break real record titles in real time. It is fun, fast and the records are deliberately accessible to everyone, making it a dynamic and playful way to attract and entertain passers-by that also captures media attention. Our expert events team will work with you to create a series of bespoke challenges that pull in crowds, but also communicate your key marketing messages effectively to ensure relevant yet enjoyable record titles for the target demographic. 

A high-energy, hands-on Live! event can convert any space into the ultimate entertainment hub; it can be adapted for indoor or outdoor scenarios and for a wide variety of locations, from town squares to trade shows or shopping centres.

As part of the package, Guinness World Records provides:

  • Overall event design, record selection and testing, support on recruiting and training of key staff, project management pre/during and post-event, as well as live adjudication at the event and licensing of the Guinness World Records wordmark and logos. 
  • The whole package can be operated as either a turnkey (off the shelf) or bespoke experience designed to fit your marketing needs.

Optional add-ons

  • Live record-breaking stations can be accompanied by Guinness World Records-themed picture opportunities, seaside style cut-out pictures and backdrops with fun props. These offer unique photo opportunities for visitors to take and share with friends.

Licensing our Brand

We offer a wide range of opportunities for brands and their products to come together by harnessing the power of record-breaking to create exciting, engaging and emotional marketing campaigns that make an impact. Our tried-and-tested solutions can help you speed up your time-to-market, engage new audiences or even break into entirely new markets. With Guinness World Records, you get more than just a licensing agreement; we provide you with the insight and expertise you need to make the most of our IP throughout your campaign. As a result, you'll benefit from truly bespoke and innovative advertising campaigns that are firmly tied to your objectives. Our record-titles are uniquely flexible which means your solution is truly bespoke; from experiential live events to irresistibly shareable online content, on-pack, retail or a fully-integrated marketing campaign that reaches your audience across multiple touch points. Contact our team for a consultation.