Employee Engagement

Employ the power of record-breaking to unite and inspire your employees to be the world's greatest!

No matter what challenge you're facing, when it comes to driving business performance, there's nothing more important than a committed and cohesive workforce.

Our corporate record-breaking solutions incorporate the ultimate accolade of prestige and strength - an official Guinness World Records title challenge adjudicated by an official judge - designed to energise employees and bring teams together in a shared sense of achievement and reaffirm the belief that anything is achievable. 

All record challenges are custom-built to bring to life key messages with authenticity while providing employees with a unique teambuilding experience and once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to discover what it means to be a record-breaker.

Event formats can be tailored to fit a variety of contexts including:  

  • Conferences
  • Staff parties 
  • Leadership away-days
  • Training courses 
  • SPIF days

Our solutions include:

One Team One Record

Ideal for: Conference, Team Building, Energizers A fully account managed service including:

  • Event Consultancy: Your Account Manager will take a detailed brief covering - objectives, corporate challenges, key messages and audience demographics. Our specialist Project Management Team will use this to research and develop a record-title challenge that excites and engages employees.
  • An official GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS Judge will provide immediate verification of your record attempt. A Judge also adds a sense of authority to your occasion, is highly engaging for employees, and enhances the emotional connection between employees and the record-challenge at hand

Bespoke Events

Ideal for: Conferences, Team Building, Incentives No time to plan and need someone to manage your event? 

We can provide an experienced team to run your record attempt on the day including pre-event logistics, presentations, media and schedule management, as well as coaches and MC. Our team are fully trained to create a sense of atmosphere and ensure that everyone embraces the spirit of record-breaking!

As part of the package, we provide:

  • Dedicated Account Manager & Project Manager from start to finish. 
  • Coaches & MC
  • An 'icebreaker' opening presentation. 
  • Full explanation of guidelines for the record challenge from your Project Manager - to increase the likelihood of a successful attempt
  • On-site training and support 
  • An official Guinness World Records judge to conduct and provide immediate verification of the record attempt outcome.

Our clients include


Looking to bolster its “Earn Your Future” youth education initiative, PwC attempted the record for largest financial literacy lesson to excite and engage PwC staff, as well as impact the campaign's youth.

Find out more about PwC


Tesco is the headline sponsor of Stand Up To Cancer, the charitable partnership between Cancer Research UK and Channel 4, and wished to engage its staff around the UK with this CSR initiative. Tesco used the multi-venue record to connect stores around the UK and it also became central to the annual company conference at London’s ExCel. The most people standing on one leg simultaneously at a single venue is 2,276 and was achieved by Tesco (UK) at ExCeL London, in London, UK, on 18 October 2012.

Mad Science

Mad Science, a leading science enrichment provider for children, was looking for a fun, relevant event for their annual licensees conference. The record had to be scientific in nature and appeal to the fun, lively personalities of the group. The most baking soda and vinegar volcanoes erupting simultaneously is 294 and was achieved by Mad Science Group (Canada), in Montréal, Québec, Canada, on 11 April 2013.


Garnier Canada was interested in a team-building exercise for its national sales meeting. The record needed to excite and inspire the sales force, while ensuring they work together, and fit in with the meeting’s theme: ‘History Will Be Made’. Several months later, IBM decided to challenge Garnier Canada with the same record at the IBM Summit. The longest handshake chain involved 188 participants, and was achieved by Garnier Canada (Canada) at the Gran Melia Cancun in Cancun, Mexico, on 31 January 2012. The longest handshake chain involved 2,380 participants and was organized by IBM Smarter Commerce (USA) at the Smarter Commerce Global Summit in Lake Buena Vista, Florida, USA, on 5 September 2012.


Gap was bringing together its European sales and marketing teams for a three day event in the UK. The aim was to encourage bonding between the pan-European teams and bring Gap’s four cultural cornerstones – Think, Inspire, Do, Deliver – to life. The largest game of Four Corners was played by 261 participants at an event organised by Gap Europe, at Center Parcs, Longleat Forest, Warminster, UK, on 17 October 2012.


When the Accenture Management Consulting and the company’s Technology Growth Division in Ireland hosted a conference under the theme of leveraging the power of collaboration, relationships and insight, Guinness World Records was asked to create an experience which supported these values but would require minimal training and equipment. The most people performing the Whigfield dance is 255 and was achieved by AMC & TGP Accenture Ireland (Ireland) in Dún Laoghaire, Dublin on 17th May 2013.


Vodafone, the world’s second largest telecommunications company, wanted an experience which could be incorporated in the Christmas party at its Newbury offices. The record should reflect the brand’s values of speed, simplicity and trust, and of course reflect the festive theme. The longest Christmas cracker pulling chain was achieved by 566 participants at the headquarters of Vodafone (UK) in Newbury, Berkshire, UK on 1 December 2011.

Three Mobile

Three was set to refocus its brand strategy to be the “network designed for data” and was merging sales teams from across the UK. The company approached Guinness World Records for a record concept which would act as an ice-breaker to start their conference, encouraging people to get to know each other and inspiring team work. The longest 'over and under' line consisted of 721 participants and was achieved by Three UK, at Wembley, UK, on 26 June 2013.