Unlock the full potential of a record campaign

An Official Guinness World Records Attempt has the proven potential to unlock an entire pre and post-attempt marketing campaign with opportunities for reaching your audience across multiple touchpoints. Whether you want to engage online, face-to-face or create irresisitably shareable content; a record-breaking campaign has the power to generate authentic dialogue with the media and consumers alike. With 97% brand recognition in the US & UK alone, our brand provides a globally recognised stamp of strength and credibility with broad audience appeal, successfully enabling you to stand out in a saturated marketplace.

Our creative team comprises experiential, marketing and commercial expertise which means that you'll benefit from a multi-dimensional perspective and record-based campaigns which make an impact. Have a read below of some of the campaigns we've worked on.

Client Campaigns

Banco Santander

During the annual Copa Libertadores football tournament, Banco Santander, one of the largest banks in Latin America, wanted a way to reach the passionate group of Latin American football fans and further engage them during the competition.

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The Danone Nations Cup is the largest international football competition for children. Danone wanted to promote its sponsorship of the UK tournament – which featured more than 11,000 young footballers aged 10-12 years – to gain national press coverage.

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Eurostar wanted to kick-start their 20th anniversary celebrations with a record-based campaign that would celebrate the recent work of Raymond Blanc in transforming the onboard dining experience for business premier passengers while also engaging passengers. A month prior to the event, Eurostar began promoting their record-title attempt for the Largest champagne tasting event, inviting passengers to be part of the celebrations. And on 9th October 2014, on the 10:25 service from London St Pancras - Paris, passengers were welcomed onboard with a special announcement from Raymond Blanc who hosted a record title attempt for the Largest champagne tasting event. Travellers were guided by leading wine expert and sommelier, Arnaud Goubet, as they sipped through three types of champagne. The campaign reached 6.7 million+ and featured onThe Mail Online, Metro, Yahoo! and Event Magazine with coverage totalling £23,421. Following their success, Eurostar proudly featured their Record Holder status across the main website and social channels. Following their success, Eurostar proudly featured their Record Holder status across the main website and social channels.


HP were launching the Officejet Pro X series of desktop printers aimed at small to medium sized companies. HP claimed its printers were up to twice as fast and half the cost as compared with other colour laser printers. Guinness World Records set HP the ultimate printing challenge, to beat the speed of all its competitors in printing 500 full colour sheets. The Officejet Pro X576dw and Officejet Pro X551dw All-in-One printers smashed the performance of competing brands and the record achievement took centre stage in HP’s integrated marketing strategy for the Officejet Pro X series globally. The Guinness World Records Record Holder logo was used to substantiate the printers record-breaking status in international print, online and outdoor advertising campaigns. The record achievement was used for an employee SPIF day where the sales team were given an opportunity to attempt Guinness World Records titles. And when HP exhibited at the UK Small Business Show, Guinness World Records created an interactive stand featuring a series of record title challenges for visitors, each of which cleverly highlighted core qualities of the printer.

Atasun Optik

Atasun Optik are optical retail leaders in Turkey with 97 stores in 12 cities and 1.5 million+ customers. The retailer wanted to promote sales of sunglasses with a particular focus on young adults and needed a marketing initiative to go beyond traditional 'push' media by creating an opportunity for shoppers to engage with the brand and products. A record campaign with all the key ingredients was developed - sunglasses, 'selfies' and shopper participation - with an attempt for the Largest online photo album of self-portrait photographs (selfies). Over 150,000+ selfies were uploaded to a specially designed website from over 225,000 potential shoppers over two months. Shoppers were encouraged to try on top-selling SKUs instore and upload their 'selfie' to be part of the attempt. The culminating official record event was attended by 2,000+. The record attempt achieved coverage across 20 newspapers including 5 national titles reaching 1.6 million. Event related social media posts received over 600,000 views and unique website traffic was +30% in the two week lead-up to the record announcement (compared to previous weeks).

Nissan ME - Nissan Patrol Challenge

The "Nissan Patrol Challenge" was a regional activation campaign aimed at showcasing the strength of the new Nissan Patrol vehicle. The challenge was rolled across an ATL and online campaign asking consumers to challenge the vehicle to its limits. Guinness World Records made one consumers challenge a reality through a live event where the world's media gathered to watch the Nissan Patrol vehicle successfully pull a fully-laden Ilyushin Il-76 cargo plane weighing 170.9 tonnes over 50 metres.

MINI goes to Santa

MINI is the world’s fastest growing premium small car brand and was set to launch its latest model, The MINI Paceman. MINI wanted a product launch campaign that comprised of engaging live events to generate powerful PR across Europe’s highly competitive automotive market. With the campaign taking place in December, Guinness World Records inaugurated a new title for the Longest wish list to Santa. Live events brought the campaign to cities across Europe with a specially set up 'MINI Post Office' allowing consumers to submit their wishes to Santa and book a test drive of MINI’s new model. MINI took the completed wish list on an epic 3,500 km cross-continental trek from Milan to the edges of the Arctic Circle in Finland’s Rovaniemi to deliver the wishes to Santa Claus himself. A total wishes of 75,954 wishes were collected from 25,318 people across 30 countries.

Kellogg's - How will you make them today?

Kellogg’s Corn Flakes had launched a brand awareness campaign, ‘How will you make them today?’ in the Middle East. The purpose was to drive awareness of breakfast being the most important meal of the day and one that is best shared with family. The campaign needed to showcase the versatility of Kellogg’s Corn Flakes and promote it's nutritional qualities. To activate the ‘How will you make them today?’ campaign, Kellogg’s hosted a free breakfast at Dubai’s Marina Mall bringing together chefs from across the globe to create new and exciting ways to enjoy Kellogg’s cereal, providing a unique opportunity for the brand to engage with consumers. To generate media attention, Kellogg’s attempted to achieve three Guinness World Records titles for Largest cereal packet, Largest cereal breakfast and the Longest table. The PR stunt resonated in national and regional media across the Middle East reaching 5million+.


HubSpot, an inbound marketing software platform, was looking for a way to educate people about online marketing and HubSpot’s products. At the time the average number of webinar attendees was under 20 and the company wanted a fun, unique online event that would attract thousands. Following the webinar, the host speaker’s new book became the most popular eBook on Amazon for the day. The largest online marketing seminar involved 10,899 participants and was achieved by HubSpot (USA) in Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA, on 23 August 2011.


Oreo had the second largest food and drink page on Facebook. 360i, the company’s digital marketing agency, knew a record would be a good way to engage fans and create a fun experience. Five hours into the record, rapper Lil Wayne challenged his own Facebook fans to beat Oreo and ended up increasing fans for both pages and generating over 47 million media impressions. The most likes on a Facebook post in 24 hours is 114,619, as featured on the official page for Oreo, in response to a message posted 15 February 2011.


Herdez, one of Latin America’s leading consumer goods manufacturers, wanted to emphasize its position as a family brand in Mexico. The company needed a record that would allow all Mexican households to engage with the Herdez brand and give them a shared sense of community. Marketing agency IC&M and Herdez created a record campaign that lasted three months and reached over 300,000 people. The largest digital photo exhibition consists of 115,117 individual photographs and was achieved by Herdez of Grupo Herdez with the help of families across Mexico at the Monumento a la Revolución, in Mexico City, Mexico, on 6 October 2012.


Celebrated by 250 million people globally, St Patrick’s Day is Guinness’ biggest sales day of the year. Guinness wanted to engage occasional Guinness drinkers and interact further with current consumers by engaging them online and maximizing participation on the day itself. In a record campaign with agency Saatchi and Saatchi UK, the day became the “Friendliest Day of the Year,” reaching over 7 million consumers and the Guinness Facebook page receiving over 141,000 new fans. The largest St. Patrick’s Day celebration taking place at multiple venues was promoted and monitored by Guinness, and attended by 361,077 individuals worldwide on 17 March 2012.