Self-service application

Are you an individual, know which record you want to apply for and understand the rules and the process? Then the self-service option is for you!

All existing titles (already in our records database) are free of charge through the standard application process. If you want to apply for a new record title (something that you cannot find in our database), a non-refundable administration fee of £5/$5 (plus VAT) applies.

Once you have submitted an application, it can take up to 12 weeks to be reviewed and for us to come back to you with next steps.

You can explore the Priority Application option if you require a quicker response, and if you are considering inviting an adjudicator to your attempt you can find everything you need to know in the Invite an adjudicator section (charges apply for both).

Good luck!

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Guided application

Not an individual? If you are a business or organisation, and are unsure about your application and the record you would like to attempt, the guided application is the option for you.

Perhaps you are thinking big and require the help of our consultancy services. We offer a variety of options to help you with your record attempt from start to finish, covering everything from record consultancy and creative campaigns to unforgettable live events with adjudicators.

Start your journey today, and an account manager will be in touch shortly to bring your ideas to life!

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