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  • Who: AKB48

  • What: Largest pop group

  • Where: Japan

The largest pop group is AKB48, which consists of 48 members. This group is divided into 3 teams of 16 members each, named A, K and B. They were created and are currently produced by Yasushi Akimoto, who also pens the lyrics for all of their songs. They were established in Japan, in 2005.

The discography of AKB48 consists of 2 studio albums, 11 stage albums and 20 singles. Since its establishment in 2005, the group has gone through several expansions, graduations, shuffles, and line-up changes. AKB48 started their live performance in Akihabara in 2005. They released their first debut single "Sakuara no Hanablratachl" on 1st February 2006. Their second album released in April 2010 sold 430,000 copies and the latest single sold more than 500,000 copies. They are widely known and perform on TV, radio and appear in magazines on a regular basis. Yasushi Akimoto is the president of Akimoto Yasushi office.


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