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  • Who: Guadalajara Chamber of Commerce, Services and Tourism

  • What: Most people twirling lassos simultaneously

  • Where: Mexico

The most people lassoing simultaneously is 69 set by attendees at the Campeonato Nacional Charro in an event organised by the Guadalajara Chamber of Commerce, Services and Tourism, at Lienzo Charro Nito Acevez, Guadalajara, Mexico, on 4 September 2010.

81 people took part in total but 12 were discounted for not keeping the rope moving for the full 2 minutes. The participants did much more than simply twirl the lasso, many were "floreando la soga" the closest English translation being "trick roping". This even was part of the 17th international meeting of Mariachi and Charrería. Children, women and professional Charros all participated together in the attempt.


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