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  • Who: Haydn Kelly

  • What: First use of forensic gait analysis evidence in court

  • Where: United Kingdom

The first time that forensic gait analysis (the analysis of a person's style of walking as a method of identification) has been admissible as evidence in criminal law occurred in the case of R- v - Saunders at The Old Bailey Central Criminal Court, London, UK on 12 July 2000. Consultant Podiatrist Haydn Kelly (UK) was able to identify jewellery thief John Saunders (UK) as the person attempting to rob a shop, from earlier police surveillance footage. Despite Saunders wearing two pairs of trousers, a mask and gloves, Mr Kelly was able to confirm that less than five per cent of the British population had walking mechanics similar to the suspected thief - evidence that helped end Saunder's lucrative criminal career.

John Saunders had led a series of robberies across Surrey, UK, and stolen goods worth £750,000 (then $1.13 million).


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