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  • Who: 2e2 Underwater Cycling Challenge

  • What: Most people cycling underwater

  • Where: Guernsey

The largest underwater cycle race involved 22 scuba divers competing along the the 60-m (196-ft) long, 3-m ( 10-ft) deep 2e2 Underwater Cycling Challenge in Havelet Bay, Guernsey, Channel Islands, UK on 10 September 2006.

Three divers competed in the first set of heats, then they had the last eight and the quarters, semis and final were then in twos.

The race is held annually. Its original name was: SeaGuernsey Cycle Soumarine.

The 2005 winner, Simon Bradbury (UK), remained unbeaten with his time of 1 min 32 sec until the 2007 race, when Philip Eyre (UK) finished in 1 min 20 sec.


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