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  • Who: MGC Olympia Kiel e.V.

  • What: Miniature golf, most holes in 24 hours, fourball

  • Where: Germany

The most holes of miniature golf played by a fourball in 24 hours is 1,440 and was set by two teams from MGC Olympia Kiel e.V. at Miniaturegolfhalle, Rendsburg, Germany from 19-20 March 2005

Team A: Marco Balzer, Daniel Christ, Leif Markmann and Jan-Christophe Theden Team B: Hans-Knut Martin, Rene Lemke, Ralph Brandt and Thilo Thomsen They did 80 complete rounds of 18 holes as a fourball 18x80=1440. As the name suggests this was an indoor course.


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