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Largest teddy bear / soft toy mosaic

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  • Who: Chelsea Teddy Bear Company (USA)

  • What: Largest teddy bear / soft toy mosaic

  • Where: United States

The largest teddy bear mosaic measured 61.59 m² (663 ft²) and was achieved by the Chelsea Teddy Bear Company (USA) in Chelsea, Michigan, USA, 30 July 2011.

The official measurement was taken by the Mayor of Cheslea (USA), Jason Lindauer and Lori Rigato, a local radio personality using a standard measuring tape. They were also assisted by the Chelsea Area Fire Authority. The teddy bears are commercially available via the Chelsea Teddy Bear Company and children from the local community were also invited to donate their teddy bears for the attempt. The mosaic represented a huge replica of the World Wildlife Fund's panda bear logo.


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