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Largest sauna

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  • Who: Josef Wund

  • What: Largest sauna

  • Where: Germany

The world’s largest sauna is the “Koi-Sauna” measuring 166.10 m² (1,787.88 ft²), located at the Badewelt Sinsheim GmbH in Sinsheim, Germany, and was opened in December 2012.

It took a year to build the huge bath where the sauna is located. On a total area of 3,000 m² (32,291.6 ft²) there are several themed saunas, swimming pools and 400 real palm plants. As the last attraction the basin for the koi carps was completed on 23 April 2013. Up to 150 people can use the giant “Koi-Sauna” simultaneously, while watching koi carps and the beautiful scenery of the Kraichgau region trough 60 mm thick bulletproof glass.


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