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  • Who: Brad Vickers

  • What: First row across the Atlantic west to east from USA land to land by a team of four

  • Where: United States

The first Ocean Four to row the Atlantic West to East from USA land to land, from Liberty Island, New York, USA to Port Pendennis Marina, Falmouth, UK, was the crew of James Robert Hanssen: Brad Vickers, Dylan Le Valley, Greg Spooner, Jordan Hanssen (all USA), between 10 June - 20 August 2006, in a time of 71 days 3 hr 22 min 35 sec.

Editorial: please note the standard syntax and route name for rowing (in the correct order, with no commas and certain words capitalised) should read as the attempt text starts:
"The first Ocean Four to row the Atlantic West to East solo from USA land to land"


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