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  • Who: Colla Gegantera del Carnaval de Solsona

  • What: Most people dressed in giant papier-mâché models / puppets

  • Where: Spain

A total of 215 papier-mâché giants made by 88 organizations gathered at Solsona, Catalonia, Spain on 6 July 2003 to celebrate the 3rd annual meeting of the Colla Gegantera del Carnaval de Solsona.

The giants tend to take the forms of royal figures. Their origins are unknown although many European countries have adopted the tradition of having them dance down the streets as part of their festival celebrations. In Catalonia, the earliest known records are from the 14th century when the characters David and Goliath were created as part of the procession of the feast of Corpus Christi in Barcelona, Spain.


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