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  • Who: Strathisla Distillery

  • What: Oldest operating scotch whisky distillery

  • Where: United Kingdom

The oldest operating scotch whisky distillery is the Strathisla Distillery in Keith, Banffshire, Scotland which was founded in 1786.

The distillery was first called Milltown Distillery and had a string of licensees until 1830 when it was passed to William Longmore who owned it for 38 years. After a fire in 1876 the distillery had to be rebuilt and was given much the same appearance as it has today. It was also in the 1870's that it was given the name of Strathisla. Later, London financier George Pomeroy owned it until he was jailed in 1949 for tax evasion and the next year the distillery was bought by Seagram through its subsidiary Chivas Brothers. The water which Strathisla is made with comes from Fons Buliens, a spring used by Dominican monks as early as the 12th century. Strathisla whisky is described as very fruity, sweet and herby with fine succulent zest and creamy, peaty intensity.


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