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  • Who: Superman costume

  • What: Most expensive costume from a television series sold at auction

  • Where: United States

The most valuable costume from a TV programme was the Superman suit from the 1955 series of the Adventures of Superman (USA), which was sold for $129,800 (£81,307) at the Profiles in History auction, Los Angeles, USA on 31 July 2003.

The buyer placed the bid by telephone and remained anonymous. The suit, complete with the S and red pants, was one of two costumes from the TV series which were worn by George Reeves (USA) in the title role. The series was produced from 1951-1957 in the USA by National Comics, with a total of 104 episodes aired on Channel 7 (USA) until 1958. Until 1955 the show was filmed in black and white, in which a brown and white S-outfit was used to give it definition.


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